Engagement Council

Fostering a Winning Culture

Nothing good was ever achieved in a vacuum. That’s why we have an in-house Engagement Council, whose mission is to represent the people of Ferrara to design a winning culture. This is because we know that culture is what makes a company a place for careers—not just jobs.

A Community That's Inspired to Achieve

The Engagement Council operates on four key pillars:

  • Communicate as One. We are most effective when we communicate efficiently, providing real-time forums for two-way dialogue.
  • Give Back to Our Communities. We have a responsibility to give back to the communities in which we live and work; we are stewards of the environment.
  • Lead, Explore and Develop. Ferrara’s next phase of growth will come from our investment in our employees’ personal and professional development.
  • Build a Culture of Recognition. We believe in recognizing and celebrating the contributions of our employees to our company culture, our consumers, customers and community.

Ultimately, members of the Engagement Council are dedicated to making a difference in each other’s lives, and in turn, the lives of our customers and consumers. They strive to create a workplace where everyone can feel passionate about their work and be inspired to achieve, every day.

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