Diversity and Inclusion at Ferrara

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

at Ferrara

Our Mission

Our DE&I mission is to foster diversity and empower all employees to be authentic, share ideas, and grow together. We propel our business forward with an inclusive culture where transparent, collaborative minds unite.

Fererra CEO Marco Capurso

"At Ferrara, diversity is a growth imperative. Treating it with the focus and rigor it deserves is the only way to achieve growth and create a culture in which everyone feels at home."

Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Ferrara Natasha Miller Williams

“Cultivating a culture of diversity equity and inclusion requires authenticity, empathy, and accountability. All of these rely on our ability to be generous in our interpretations of each other. We continue to seek ways to understand, learn, and grow together and are committed to making the systemic changes that will propel our company and communities to a more positive position.”

Ferrara Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 2022 U.S. Workforce Diversity

We believe diversity leads to better business outcomes and with visibility, transparency and goals, we aspire to a workforce that mirrors our communities. Our workforce study includes a look at the representation of women and racially diverse groups in our organization, across key segments.

Our Workforce   Our Commitments

Business Resource Groups

Our Business Resource Groups support our diversity and inclusion strategy and help us achieve our business goals by enhancing our culture, fueling innovation, contributing to our organization’s strategy, and making a positive impact on our communities.

Employee Quotes

What I love most about D&I is having opportunities to share my true self and connect with my peers on a human level. The discussions and shared experiences, led by D&I and the ERGs, have helped me cultivate relationships that are helping me grow in the business and beyond.

Tia C.

Brand Manager

Being a part of the community is our company’s history and I look forward to keeping that legacy going.

Richa B.

Quality Manager

When we work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, we discover strengths to build our company. I’m excited to be on Ferrara’s D&I journey and to learn from other’s traditions, stories and points of view.

Jerry D.

Sr. HR Manager

I'm looking forward to continuing to learn from my colleagues, and also continuing to share my own personal stories because I feel like Ferrara is making our stories feel heard and making it ok for us to share, and I think that's awesome.

Irma D.

Sales Director

I'm most looking forward to our focus on D&I being a movement and not a moment in time.

Jade R.

Sr. Sales Director

This journey means that we can continue to build on the diverse group we have here in Augusta, but moreover for me it means learning from all of our employees. Those things that are important, dates that are important, experiences that matter.

Dave W.

Plant Manager

What excites me the most about the diversity and inclusion journey, is the journey itself. We can change the way we recruit. We can change the way we approach diversity and inclusion. We can change the culture.

Will F.

Account Manager

Ferrara’s collaborative culture is built on a strong foundation of diversity and inclusion. I am proud to be part of the Ferrara culture and team. A team that is valued, encouraged, and engaged to fuel Ferrara’s innovations and successes.

Roberto M.

Production Manager

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